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For anyone lucky enough experience a guitar lesson with Andrew Wasson, he has got to be the best guitar teacher on YouTube , or in Canada, England or USA for that matter, or wherever he has his studio on planet earth. He's a world renowned guitar expert and music lessons guru.



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He laughs with embarrassment when he hears this compliment, but having worked with some of the worlds best known musicians, his reputation is growing and growing fast. Not a shy man by any means, he prefers to stay in the background and let his results do the talking when it comes to his profession.

andrew_wassonAndrew has worked with some of the worlds best known stars of the music business. He is involved in various aspects of the music business, from lessons to live shows. He is the director of his own music studio in Canada, successfully and professionally helping over one hundred musicians into the trade.

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His live music services are courted by companies and individuals who strive for perfection in their respective trades, and need live music from which they can expect nothing but.


Andrew looks to be Google's #1 The best guitar teacher on YouTube, but ask around you will find that he already exists as such to any person that he has ever engaged.

andrew_wassonFrom his entertainment and instruction background to management in sales and music marketing, he is still a showman at heart, so when the world-wide-web arrived, he was hooked. A chance to show off his talents, he started where a lot of musicians did, with a basic website. That has grown to several sites covering many areas of the music business for which he is involved.


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In the mid-1990 era - taking the experience he had accumulated in past ventures, he then began to diversify channeling his talents into other areas and so he began consulting music stores on marketing plans and devising their marketing, accounting, and music school strategies.

andrew_wassonAndrew Wasson is a Guitar Guru, an aggressive and creative musician, teacher, music businessman… who thinks of music and music instruction in terms of how ideas spread and are shared among players. He is a leading figure in the music industry. Director and founder of Creative Guitar Studio in Canada.

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Creative Guitar is a privately held guitar instructional company specializing in courses for guitar players of all levels since 1992. He also brings nearly twenty years of management, live entertainment, music marketing, advertising, start-up and internet experience to the table.

Has he managed to become the best guitar teacher in Canada or the best guitar teacher on YouTube yet, maybe even Canada's best guitar instructor... Compared to Andrew Wasson it looks like there is very little competition for Winnipegs best guitar teacher and best guitar teacher in Canada.



best_guitar_teacher_on_youtubeMr. Wasson,

I just wanted to let you know, you are my favourite guitar instructor I have found on the web. You give me exactly what I am looking for... and that is explanations. Most videos just tell you patterns to memorize, but I feel you really tailor to my learning style. I love learning theory, I base all my learning off of understanding and then application. You
really have helped me grow and mature as a player. Thank you very much, and please keep spreading your knowledge. You rule!

- Neil Bhatt