About Andrew Wasson...



Andrew Wasson is a graduate

of Hollywood California's
Guitar Institute of Technology, (G.I.T.). He has earned his living working as a guitarist since 1992.


He is the founder of the following music businesses...


Creative Guitar Studio

Wedding Day Sound

Live Music Services





• Started playing guitar in 1978


• Studied with guitar teachers from '78 - '86


• Began performing in bands in 1984


• Enrolled in the guitar program at Lenny Breau School of Music (1988)


• Decided to move to Los Angeles to get serious about guitar (1990)


• Sold eveything I owned and moved to Los Angeles, CA. U.S.A. (1991)


• Found myself a place to live, (with a pool), in Downtown Hollywood, CA.


• Checked out the campus at Musicians Institute and was blown away!


• Enrolled at Hollywood's Guitar Institute of Technology

  and graduated from the Professional Guitar Program.




Andrew's Music Business Companies...


- Creative Guitar Studio

Creative Guitar Studio teaches a comprehensive guitar program which focuses on the guitar as an instrument for improvisation. All levels of technique, theory, and styles are covered. Many former students and most all graduates of the Professional Guitar course currently work in various areas of the music business. Andrew Wasson is the author of

the courses at Creative Guitar.


- Wedding Day Sound

Wedding Day Sound provides professional live music for; wedding ceremonies, receptions, pre & post wedding parties, and every wedding event in-between.


- Live Music Services

Live Music Services not only supplies top quality live entertainment, DJ's, Sound-systems and Stage Lighting to events for; corporations, charities, clubs, private parties, and all levels of government. But, we can also compose Royalty Free Music and complete Compositions for your projects.


Some of Andrew Wasson's Clients include:


   • Spina Bifida Association of Manitoba

   • The Arthritis Society of Manitoba

   • St. John’s-Ravenscourt School

   • CBC Radio & CBC Television

   • Deer Lodge Center

   • St. Boniface School Division

   • The Winnipeg Winter Club

   • Manitoba Department of Intergovernmental Affairs

   • NDP Party of Canada





Andrew is constantly; writing, performing and recording. He can cover all styles of guitar. After his self-titled CD was released in 2006 his compositions have appeared on CBC Radio, 99.1 Groove FM, as well as various television, radio networks, and internet radio sites worldwide.


Andrew is by far most well known and respected for his music education material. Many subscribers hail him as the best guitar teacher on YouTube. He has established his company; Creative Guitar Studio, and the courses he has written, as a solid guitar program for aspiring players.



A Personal Message...

When I was eight years old, I had two friends that played guitar. It was so interesting to me that for some reason I was compelled to want to learn to play guitar more than anything else in the world. One day I convinced my parents to let me meet with a guitar teacher. He gave me a guitar to try and I talked my parents into buying me a $35.00 acoustic that he sold to his new students. I played that guitar until it broke! One more acoustic and two electric guitars later, (plus 9 years of lessons), I finally had enough knowledge to attend a professional music college and get the real training I needed to play professionally. My interest in the guitar has never stopped. I guess nothing has changed since my old friends had first inspired me!




Andrew currently lives in Winnipeg, Canada with his wife & two children.

He enjoy's running his various music business services as well as freelancing with several local music acts.