Music Equipment & Gear...


When it comes to; gigs, recording sessions, and freelancing jobs that

I do, I generally try to keep things pretty simple when it comes to gear.


Below is a brief outline of all of the main; amps, effects, and guitars

I use most often...



Electric Guitars...




The main guitar I use in almost every situation - every day - is my 1991 Fender USA Stratocaster.


I picked it up brand new from Norman Harris himself over at "Norman's Rare Guitars," in Tarzana, California. Norman was a friend of my Uncle's. When I met Norm and mentioned I was a sunburst Fender Strat kind of guy he pulled this guitar out of the back room and said, "man, check this out!" I bought it then and there - on the spot.


Over the years I've made a few mods to the Strat like; Sperzel Tuners, a graphite nut, a Duncan CoolRail at the neck position, HotRail at the bridge and a Roland GK20 synth controller.





BC Rich

My other main electric guitar is a 1987 BC Rich ST-III (ST-3) Super Strat. Made in the USA. Built in Los Angeles under the direction of Bernie Rico himself, it came from the factory with a B.C. Rich licensed Floyd Rose tremolo system as well as a DiMarzio PAF-Pro in the bridge.


After hearing Tony MacAlpine play this model of guitar on his album, Maximum Security, I became interested in the tone MacAlpine had from this line of BC Rich guitars. A local music store had this one in-stock and after playing it the very first time I was instantly sold!


Over the years I've replaced the middle and neck pick-up's with Seymour Duncan's and I had the body routed deeper for the tremolo to pull up two whole-steps. It's a fantastic instrument with killer tone and a really fast neck.





Electric Amplification...




The Peavey Bandit amps have been part of my live set-up for all of my electric guitar gigs for about 15 years. In that period I've gone through three of these amps. They are very tough - hard working amps. They pack a good deal of power, I can add on my spare 2-12 cab when I need a little more jam and they're light-weight, (maybe only about 45 lbs.). I've tried several other amps over the years, but these Bandits are tough to beat when it comes to their price, quality, features and their light-weight.





Electric Guitar - Live Effects...



For live effects I scrapped the mess of Boss foot pedals in 2006 and purchased this Zoom G9.2TT. I was a little nervous shelling out over $500.00 for one stand alone pedal, but after a few years of using it now I literally don't know what I'd do without it.



Roland GR20

A fantastic investment I made a few years back was this Roland GR20 guitar synth. The GR20 is nothing short of incredible packing a whack of horns, piano and synth sounds that are great for both live and studio gigs. Using the GR20 - I've backed up vocalists on duet gigs, recorded piano and horn parts for sessions, filled out three piece gigs at casino's with synth guitar parts and

too many other playing situations to list! It's an amaing part of my gear collection.


Nylon String Acoustic Guitar...



For all of my soloist & fingerstyle gigs and recordings I use this 1997 Manuel Raimundo nylon string w/cutaway. I purchased this guitar through the Raimundo sales-rep sight unseen! The information I read about Raimundo guitars completely pre-sold me when I was in the market for a new nylon.


I've installed two Fishman pickups in this guitar, (an SBT-E Soundboard Transducer and an undersaddle AG-Series). They're both wired together and meet at an XLR jack located at the base of the body. I run the cable from the guitar over to a Behringer 802 mixer. From there they go out to my acoustic guitar rig. You can read about my acoustic rig below...




Acoustic Amplification...


Acoustic Rig

For acoustic live sound I have a rack that goes with me every gig, (except studio sessions of course). In the rack I've gone through many pieces of gear over the years finally settling on the following:


  • TC Electronics G-Sharp Effects

  • DBX 266 Compressor/Gate

  • BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer

  • Alesis RA-100 Stereo Amp





Pushing the sound (after my acoustic rack is done processing the signal) are a pair of matched 300 watt S712 Phonic two-way floor speakers. These speakers deliver incredible sound and reproduce the acoustic guitar's quality and tone better than any other speaker monitor I have ever used.






Electric Bass Guitar...



ESP Bass

For any bass work I'll do, I have a ESP 4-string that is just excellent. It's an all original - straight from the factory - I have absolutely zero complaints - it is fantastic!


It's had me start considering an ESP guitar purchase due to it's amazing construction and killer tone.














Bass Rig


For live and in my studio, I have a

set-up that's loud, light-weight and 100% reliable...


  • Peavey Tour 450 bass head

  • Trace Elliot 2-10 cabinet