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Latin Guitar: PART 2 Chord Vamps (Montuno)...


LATIN GUITAR: PART 2 (Chord Vamps)

There are two principle Latin feels. they are the "Clave," and the "Montuno." The Clave is more of what we had examined in PART 1, however in this Latin Guitar lesson we will look closer at the Montuno, (a mixture of small chords with moving inner single note line voices).

To gain control over this approach you need to develop a very good fretting-hand technique so that movements between small chords and melodic lines are seamless.

This can be achieved through a lot of slow work with a metronome as well as working with recording yourself performing these lines. Some of the chord fingerings are difficult to master, however with the right amount of effort applied I do believe that anyone can incorporate this technique into their playing. Once developed the style is unique and easily identifiable.





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