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Guitar Styles: Rock Guitar Lesson One...



Rock guitar performance has just as much to do with learning about various chord voicings for power chords, and triads as it does with getting that perfect crunchy overdrive tone...

In order to understand how these chord types can be applied, we will go over a simple 80's style rock piece I have composed just for this lesson.

The song I've written uses power chords, (of course), however I have also included different variations of triad, suspended and extended chords as well.

This lesson plan will place a focus upon my rock song's; Intro., verse, bridge and chorus sections. Watch the video lessons and download the supplimental material (included at the lower portion of this page). Practice the chord types and their shapes, (with and without distortion). Use a metronome or drum machine to keep accurate time during practice. And, as usual leave comments and contact me if you have any questions. Enjoy!


The video below is the second-half of the Rock Guitar Lesson One video posted on YouTube.

Next Lesson we'll take a look at the guitar solo I've composed for this piece...
till then, I hope you enjoy this lesson and we'll see ya next time! Take care.

Download the PDF Handouts for this Lesson:

Rock Guitar Lesson One PDF Handout


(3 Page - chart w/ tab and notation)