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Andrew Wasson has recorded many different guitar styles from; hard rock, acoustic steel and nylon string fingerstyle, to contemporary jazz as well as many others... have a listen to a few select songs found on the music players included below...





Smooth Jazz:


From the 2006 self-titled CD...


andrew_wasson CD

Andrew's 2006 CD of Smooth Jazz guitar instrumental pieces has ten tracks of original music.


Several songs from the album have received acalaids from local, national and international radio stations.


Tracks off of the CD have been used in; radio, television, film and internet broadcasts.


If you're a fan of guitar driven smooth jazz instrumental music you'll love the songs on this album.





Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar:


From the 1996 recording, "Acoustic Highway"


acoustic guitar cd

Andrew's 1996 CD of Acoustic fingerstyle guitar pieces has not only sold well over the years, but several pieces off of the album are part of the original song-list for Andrew's company, "Wedding Day Sound."


Every year couples walk down the aisle to many of Andrew's compositions from this recording.










Reggae with the Band "Rebel Force":


rebel_forceIn 1994 Andrew was asked to join the established Winnipeg Reggae band Rebel Force, fronted by ledgendary Winnipeg Reggae star Dammy Damage along with superb local carib. rhythm section Sham and Steven Sankar (Bass and Drums).


Many a weekend jam was held in Winnipeg's then popular Reggae hot-spot, the Jamaica Restaurant and Bar, (841 Ellice Ave).


Andrew performed with Rebel Force until approx. 1997.

               Gig Poster (1995)



Funk-Rock with the Band "Hot Tub":


From the 1993 Live Recording, "Hot Tub"


hot tub

In 1993 Andrew was hired to fill the guitar position in the already established Winnipeg funk-rock group, "Hot Tub."


In '93 a live recording of Hot Tub's all-original heavy driving Funk-Rock tunes was made at Winnipeg's, Pyramid Cabaret. The Hot Tub style was like the Red Hot Chili Peppers on steroids!


While working in the band, Andrew wrote a few songs, i.e., "This Smoke is Bad," (see audio player).