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Postings - August 2010:
Guitar Technique: Double Picking | Guitar Theory: Arpeggio Swaps - Common Tone Use | 16 Bar Blues | Jazz Minor Scale | Capo Trick | Country Two-Beat Feel | Jazz Guitar Ballads | How to Adjust a Guitar Amp |

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August 31, 2010:
How to Adjust Settings on a Guitar Amplifier

Getting settings on your amp for your favorite styles can be better understood with basic knowledge about your amps tone dials. Learn how to dial in country, jazz, classic rock and heavy metal.

Amplifier Settings


August 27, 2010:
FINGERSTYLE: How to Understand Jazz Guitar Ballads

Arranging / performing solo jazz guitar takes an understanding of harmony and theory. Chromatics, substitution and diminished ideas can make the job easier.
Download the jazz ballad tab chart here.

Jazz Ballads


August 24, 2010:
STYLES: Country Two Beat Feel - Part 2

In Part Two we examine a lead melody that incorporates a recurring pentatonic statement through the chord changes!
Download the two-beat melody lead here.

Country Two-Beat Part 2


August 20, 2010:
STYLES: Country Two Beat Feel - Part 1

Part One studies rhythm in Cut-Time Meter. The rhythm is a fast moving groove that can be made really cool by incorporating hybrid picking techniques.
Download the two-beat rhythm chart here.

Country Two Beat


August 17, 2010:
GUITAR THEORY: Capo Trick for Bb Jams

What do you do when piano and horn players always want their blues & jazz jams in F, Ab and Eb? How about just grab a capo and tell 'em to start counting in!
Download the capo boogie blues here.

Capo Trick for Bb Jams


August 13, 2010:
GUITAR THEORY: Jazz Minor Scale

Derived from the Melodic Minor Scale, Jazz Minor Scale retains the #6 and #7 pitches both ascending and descending. Download the lesson handouts here.

Jazz Minor


August 10, 2010:
RHYTHM GUITAR: 16 Bar Blues Variations

There's no sense in zoning out playing nothing but the same old 12-Bar Blues progressions. Step into the world of the 16-Bar Blues and enjoy some fresh air! Download the tab for the intro. jam here.

16 Bar Blues


August 06, 2010:
GUITAR THEORY: Arpeggio Swaps - Common Tone Use

Arpeggio tones (like chord tones) stack and can create other designs which can be swaped out against other chords.
Download the tab handout here.

Common Tones


August 03, 2010:

This video is dedicated to the double-picking style. Picking each note of a lead or riff twice produces a heavy driving sound.
Download the tab handout here.

Double Picking