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Postings - June 2010:
Guitar Repair | Soul Jazz | Afro-Beat | Fingerstyle Open-Chords | Soul R&B |
Tri-Tone (Flat-Five Substitution) | Working with New Scales

Creative Guitar Studio

June 29, 2010:
Working with New Scales 1 - Hindu Scale

In Part-1 of this series we will look at how any new scale can be harmonized in a simple way to create chord progressions. Download the song tab chart here.

Working with New Scales


June 25, 2010:
Tri-Tone (Flat-Five) Substitution

Explains chord substitution where a Dom 7th chord gets replaced by another Dom 7th a diminished 5th interval away.

Tri-Tone Substitution


June 22, 2010:
Repair Broken Headstock - Part Two

Part Two begins with; cleaning the glue area with mineral spirits, and re-stringing. Then, we test-drive the guitar in studio!

Headstock Part 2


June 18, 2010:
Repair Broken Headstock - Part One

Part One begins with; preparation techniques, necessary materials, shop tools and the type of glue required.

Headstock Repair 1


June 15, 2010:
Blue Note Era - Soul Jazz

Covers The Blue Note sound, a very soulful group of recordings released in the late 1950's to mid- 1960's. Download the lesson tab here.

Blue Note Jazz


June 11, 2010:
AfroBeat Rhythms - Part Two

In Part Two we will cover the role of the guitar in the AfroBeat Style. Four different grooves will be examined. Download the lesson tab charts here.



June 08, 2010:
AfroBeat Rhythms - Part One

This two part series will examine the funky grooves of AfroBeat. In Part One we cover the rhythm concepts.



June 04, 2010:
Fingerstyle: Open String Chord Voicings

Color chord voicings with open strings! This technique can really add some fresh sound to your music if you've never tried it before. Download the lesson tab charts here.



June 01, 2010:
Rhythm Guitar: R & B Soul-Ballad Style

R & B Slow-Jam Ballads, really lend themselves well to this sort of sweet laid-back type of guitar playing. Download the lesson tab charts on the lessons page.